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Welcome to my site! I’m so glad you found us here because you’ve just found a great resource for home buying, financing, the purchase and sale offer and agreement and just about anything else you’d want to know about real estate around the Portland area.

Even though I can help you buy or sell any property in the Portland area from Northwest Portland to Lake Oswego, I specialize in the homes and properties located in Gresham, Milwaukee, Gladstone, Oregon City, Clackamas and the Tigard and Tualatin neighborhoods. I live, work and play in many of these communities throughout the Portland Metro area and know the micro markets intimately.

Searching for real estate, house or new homeBecause of this, I can help represent you when it comes time to buying a home. Whether you are looking for a townhouse, starter home, retirement home or your dream home, having the right representation means your needs, budget, tastes and lifestyle are taken into the highest priority.

For starters, having your own representation when purchasing a property is essential to protecting your finances and negotiating strategies. Most all listings for sale have a listing agent that represents the seller. While any buyer could use the same agent to negotiate and facilitate the transaction on their behalf, their needs and budget are not kept to the highest priority. As your buyer’s representative it is completely free to use my services. Your needs, budget and desires on my highest priority. I make sure you get the home you want at the price you deserve.

As a homebuyer, whether this is your first time or your 10th time, it’s important to have your finances in order ahead of time. If you are planning to finance your home, meaning you are applying for a home loan or mortgage, it’s best to have this nail down before looking at properties. You want to talk to a lender and have a preapproval letter drawn up stating exactly how much home you can afford. This narrows the field down tremendously and helps you look at homes you really can afford. Trust me, there’s nothing more frustrating than looking at a home you love only to discover later on it’s out of your price range.

If you currently don’t have a lender contact my office today. I have several home loan advisors and lenders that I work with on a daily basis that are fair, ethical and find the right program or loan for my clients.

I want to make home buying fun and there’s nothing more rewarding than handing over the keys to new homeowners stepping foot into their brand-new home. I would love for my next homebuyers to be you. Contact me today and let’s get started.


Ready to Sell Your Home?


The selling your home. This literally makes some people nauseous thinking of the stress, hassle, and the cleaning alone. But it doesn’t have to be a stress-induced situation. Using the right real estate agent and broker to list your home can literally save you thousands of dollars and undue stress.

As a real estate agent for the Portland area I focus on the Gresham, Milwaukee, Oregon City, Clackamas, Tigard, and Tualatin neighborhoods however, I can sell any home in the state of Oregon. If your home is in one of these areas, my in-depth research on individual neighborhoods and micro-markets means you will be under-pricing your home and you have the know-how to present your home to today’s buyers. Because I also by homes in these areas I know exactly what home buyers are looking for. With my skilled and seasoned experience, I can help you get your home sold fast first much profit in your pocket as the market will bear.

As I tell all of my sellers some of the very first things that need to be done is a simple cleaning. But, this is unlike any cleaning you’ve probably done before. If necessary, hire a housekeeper at least once a week while your home is on the market otherwise, the home must be spic and span at every showing. One rule of thumb is not to mess up the house anymore then could be cleaned up within 30 minutes. This is a good rule of thumb to tell your children too, especially if you’re trying to maintain some organization on the playroom.

Secondly, it’s time to pack away at least half of the items in closets, drawers, pantries and cupboards to show that the home has plenty of space. Remember, you are going to pack these items up anyway so seasonal items and clothes are great place to start when packing up items and leaving plenty of space in closets and cupboards.

Finally, try to stay unemotional during the marketing and negotiating process. This can be very difficult to do, especially if you lived in your home for quite some time and have an emotional attachment to the property. Try to remember that this is simply a transaction of a product. Try not to feel insulted by a lowball offer because negotiations could come out in your favor in the end. Try to remember that as a buyer, you would also try to get the very best deal and because you have no emotional attachments over your next home, the buyers offering on your house have none yet either. Lean on the advice and the encouragement of your real estate agent during this process. We can make life and the transaction much more smooth.

Contact me today to find out what your home may be worth and how quickly it could sell.